Ocean Color Group, Inc.

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Company founder Phil Dickinson drew upon 25 years experience in commercial photography, graphic design, and trade show marketing when he started Ocean Color in 1995. Within about 7 years, Ocean Color had thousands of customers representing every state in the union as well as many foreign countries from every continent except Antartica.

Ocean Color has worked with customers in almost every sector of the economy, from lumber yards to financial institutions, from health care to high tech, from government to museums and universities. So there is a good chance that when you call, we will understand what you need.
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In the late 1990's Ocean Color was one of the first companies to offer banner stands. We produced a series of stands for the National Geographic channel using European design L-frame stand (above). Over the years we have produced so many different kinds of displays for so many different companies and organizations, that it would be impossible to describe them all. The end result of course is experience.

Currently, Ocean Color is more of a marketing company than a display company, though we can still offer great display products through our network of excellent partners.
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Segment of one of eight 10-foot-wide murals produced by Ocean Color in conjunction with New York curator, Jill Vexler, for the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland. More Info
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Segment of photo collage designed by Phil Dickinson for Team SMS, a group of companies that developed software for the U.S. Government. More Info
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Printed by Ocean Color for a display for JHPAIGO, an international health organization devoted to improving the lives of people in low-resource settings throughout the world. More Info
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Ocean Color printed trade show graphics for the California company that crafted the new lens that astronaughts used to repair the Hubble telescope. More Info
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Truss system under construction at the Las Vegas Convention Center in 2011 for a 35 by 90 ft. exhibit for Mestek Machinery. More Info.
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