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Ocean Color Today
For nearly 20 years starting in 1996, Ocean Color occupied a large commercial space on a main drag. A couple of years ago, as I have now grown older, I moved the company to a studio attached to my home. It is very conveniently located in a mixed commercial/residential neighborhood, and the studio is an ideal workspace for my creative work and small scale production. For larger projects, I am very happy to have partnered with Jim and Kevin O'Connor whose workspace occupies over 160,000 square feet in nearby Connecticut. With their millions invested in state-of-the-art production equipment, many years experience, high standards, and attention to detail there is nothing that their company, Enhance A Colour, can't do, from covering a wall 40 ft. high with a beautiful color photo to engraving wood for special effects. Over the past few years I have counted on Enhance A Colour for things I couldn't do here, and they have proven to be completely reliable. My standards are high and I would not trust my jobs to them if they were not the best in the business.
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2005: After years of working in commercial photography, graphic design, and marketing, I started Ocean Color in 1995 to take advantage of new digital technology that made it possible to print large color images. Ocean color as grown to include a full range of services and products for trade show exhibits and other promotional displays.

Thanks to referrals from satisfied customers and the Internet, we now have clients across the country and around the world.

I didn’t need to go to business school to learn the number one rule: Treat customers the way I would want to be treated. I’d want straight, honest answers, not a sales pitch, fair pricing, and somebody paying attention to my unique circumstances. It’s not rocket science; it’s just being honest and making the effort.
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The map above shows where our customers were by 2005. We have added customers since then, of course, but have not made a new map, because this one tells the story.
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Below are logos of some of our customers over the years:
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