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There are thousands of designers who have more design talent than I have. I am often very impressed by their work. I don't even think of myself as a designer, at least not when compared with them.

My designs won't win awards. They are typically simple, pragmatic, functional. The illustration at left, for example, I created in Illustrator for a brochure I designed for … can you guess? A company that makes screws and bolts.

My theory is that my customers don't care what my design portfolio will look like or whether my work for them will win an award. They just want their customers to understand and believe in what they do.
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The challenge for a designer who has the client's best interest at heart is to show, demonstrate, or explain what the company offers in the most convincing and efficient way possible. Looking cool is cool, but the important thing is to get the point across, which is not necessarily easy to do.

At left is a design I created for a free-standing banner stand 36" wide by 83" high, the purpose of which is to introduce a software product.

Individuals who have the brain power to build unique, innovative engineering or software, are typically very bad at explaining it to the layman. I have to admit that it took me a very long time to understand what my customer was talking about. It is not security software. It is software that helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your cyber security measures. Why is this important? Large companies and government agencies spend millions on cyber security, and they typically have very limited ways to evaluate the relative effectiveness of each component of their strategy.

My challenge here was three-fold; first to understand what the heck my customer was talking about and second, to find a way to somehow make a visual for it. In this instance I combined two stock photos, one symbolizing the complex pathways of ones and zeros in a computer's CPU, and the other symbolizing strong protection.

Thirdly, I had to write one simple headline and just three bullets to describe the product. Three is a magic number in communication. Four bullet points are significantly less powerful.

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