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Just Imagine:
This young lady is your marketing assistant on her way toward your booth location in the trade show hall one hour before the show opens to visitors. She is carrying your whole 10' display in a small bag over her shoulder.
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For twenty years, Ocean Color shipped heavy cases containing all kinds of displays. It makes me tired just to remember.
A Recent Trend
After the financial crash of 2008, a lot of companies were looking to cut back on marketing costs and were wondering if it was even worthwhile exhibiting at the same shows. But not exhibiting at a show where your customers have been expecting to see you for years could be like taking the sign down over your store or disconnecting your phone; it would give the impression you had gone out of business. So many of our customers concluded they had to be there, but perhaps not with the same large, complex, heavy exhibit as in the past. One of the main reasons to exhibit at a show is to be where the customers all are and be able to talk wth them about your latest developments.
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Rent a small round table or a podium and you have just pulled off a 10' trade show booth in a lap top carry bag. Of course this example is a little extreme, but the point is that you may not have to lug or ship all those case you used to deal with. When the hall sets up the pipe and drape, the structure is already in place. Do you really need to bring your own structure?
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