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Displays, Exhibits, and Trade Show Booths

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Think about the Model T Ford, and how it changed the role of the automobile in American life. Before Henry Ford figured out how to mass produce an automobile and make it affordable for the average family, motor cars were an expensive luxury available only to the upper income sector. What does this have to do with large format graphics and display products? Production has become many times more efficient over the past ten or so years, and prices have plummeted. There are also many times more people in the business competing with lower and lower prices. Mostly, that is great news for you, the customer, but not entirely. How do you know you will be getting a good product and getting it when you need it?
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There are thousands of companies offering similar products.
Why Choose Ocean Color?
One very good reason. The owner of the company (me) takes the responsibility of serving your interests personally. That means if the display you buy from us doesn’t serve you well, I won't sleep well. That also means that if you are not satisfied, I will be personally responsible. You can pick up the phone and talk to me. And if I can’t fix your issue, I will personally refund your investment. Every product we offer is one that I believe will be a good deal for you. If it turns out I am wrong, that will be on me, and me alone to fix. Does this make me unique among business owners? I really don't think so. I would be willing to bet that there are others in this business who feel the same way. I know I have worthy competitors so if I get your business, I will be grateful.

Phil Dickinson

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Ocean Color Parachute

What happens if, for some reason such as a failure in shipping, your display doesn't make it to the trade show on time. Do you have a backup plan?. Read More
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Banner Stands, Pull-ups, and Popups

There are clever ways to get a promotional graphic 7 or 8 ft. tall to stand up by itself, and then be taken down and packed into a quiver for easy transport. Read more.
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Popup Curve Backwall

Two types of fuel for a fire pit or fire table — similar but also very different. Read more.
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Expo-Saver™ Fabric on Popup Frame

Two types of fuel for a fire pit or fire table — similar but also very different. Read more.
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Expo-Saver™ — Tension Fabric

Two types of fuel for a fire pit or fire table — similar but also very different. Read more.
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SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) AKA Push Fit Graphics

Two types of fuel for a fire pit or fire table — similar but also very different. Read more.
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Who would say that? No one. Everyone has only high quality products. What does the word "quality" really mean anyway? A business might advertise "economy" products, which is often code for lower quality. But here's the rub: a lower price does not necessarily mean lower quality. It could just mean the vendor is accepting a lower margin, or it could be the manufacturer has a more efficient way of producing the product. Assuming there is a qualitative difference between one product and another, two caveats come to mind: 1.) What if you really don't need the higher quality; you really only need something that will do the job adequately? A Rolls Royce is higher quality than a Chevy, but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with the Chevy. and 2.) What good is a high quality product if you don't get it when you need it, like the opening day of a trade show? As far as delivery time, this is really a customer service issue. The quality of the service you receive is no less important than the quality of the product.

The one rule that counts the most is that the customer gets what is promised and gets it
when it is promised. This is the rule that really cannot be broken. The thing a business can never do is to lead the customer to believe he will be receiving and paying one thing and then deliver something different.
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