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Replacing the defective lens for the Hubble Space Telescope

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I have to confess that I was often surprised to find ourselves working with customers on the other side of the country. With all the companies across this country that do the kind of work we do, I sometimes wondered why we got the job. It may be that they liked our web site or the way we listened carefully to what they were saying when they called. Tinsley Laboratories in Richmond, California contacted Ocean Color in 2005 to produce a graphic panel for their trade show display. Tinsley is the company that made the replacement lens for the Hubble telescope, so we used a NASA photo of the Hubble as the background. Since that time, Tinsley has been purchased by SSG, which in turn was purchased by L3 a major technology company involved in several industries. Tinsley came back to Ocean Color color several times to update their trade show graphics.
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The design at left was used for a retractable banner stand. Only the first banner shown above was designed by Ocean Color. Subsequent and much more elegant designs were provided by the customer's designer. We provide design services when needed, but most often, we are happy to do our best to faithfully print the work of other designers.

In an ever changing world, Tinsley is now a division of the Coherent corporation and still producing cutting edge optics including optics currently traveling through space on NASA's Horizon spacecraft.


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