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International Connections

Ocean Color was selected by JHPIEGO several years ago to produce color prints for its display booth. JHPIEGO, is an international health organization headquartered in Baltimore devoted to saving and enhancing the lives women and their families in low resource settings throughout the world. It is a nonprofit organization that works in developing countries to train health professionals in modern reproductive health care, especially family planning. It is an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University.

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Malawi, East Africa
In 2005 we got a phone call from Michelle Oliva, who was calling from a cell phone in Malawi, Africa. The wonderful thing about this business and our presence on the Internet is that you never know where the next call is coming from. It shouldn’t surprise me, because of the global nature of enterprise in the information age, but it still does. Michelle actually worked for an organization in the U.S. called Chemonics. Since 1975 Chemonics has partnered with local and international organizations to promote social and economic change around the world. Michele Oliva was working with a Malawi company helping to promote a brand of sauce in an international market. Ocean Color produced three banner stands (shown at left).

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