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Photo Mural Design

Team SMS was a group of independent technology companies pursuing contracts with the Defense Department. It was headed up by a company in Syracuse that had been an Ocean Color customer for several years. The challenge was to create an eye-catching mural design that would convey several themes including technology, defense, and patriotism. This design breaks the first rule of trade show design, which is to keep the verbiage to an absolute minimum. The long list of specific technology services serves the purpose of communicating that this group of technology companies offered a full range of services, and it added needed gravitas to the overall design.
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Above: Five separate photos were used in building the background image. Three of the photos were from a stock web site. The photo of the Iwo Jima statue was purchased from a freelance photographer, and the flag photo was taken by me. Ocean Color also designed the logo

A Big Success
After the event, our customer told us that the design was a huge success, and many of the visitors to the booth actually read the whole list.
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