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Banner Stands, Pop-Ups, Pull-Ups, and Roller Shades

In the industry they are known as banner stands, but many people call them pop-up banners or pull-ups. Simply defined, it is a tall graphic panel that stands up by itself. There are a number of ways to accomplish the stand up part. Shown at left is a retractable, which is the most popular because it is so easy to set up. The graphic panel is rolled up inside the base. You put together a 3-section pole, slip the pole into the base, and pull the banner up to hook on the top of the pole.

Banner Stand Prices on this page include a printed graphic panel and shipping by ground within the original 48 states. Also included is prepress, which means we check your artwork to make sure it will print properly.

If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know. This web site has only a limited representation of the displays we offer. If you see something on another web site and want to know if we can provide it at a similar or better price, send us a link or a photo.
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Ocean Color's Light-Weight Wide Base Retractable
This is the stand we recommend most often to customers. It is sturdy, yet light weight. Its sleek lines give it an elegant appearance.
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The wide base and easy socket for the pole make this stand our favorite. The pole has adjustable height from 60" to 83". For this stand, we print on our best and most expensive material: premium opaque curl-free fabric. Stand ships with a padded carry bag.
  • Wide Base 600 - graphic panel size - 23.5" x 83.25" $ Call
  • Wide Base 800 - graphic panel size - 31.5" x 83.25" $ Call
  • Wide Base 850 - graphic panel size - 33.5" x 83.25" $ Call
  • Wide Base 920 - graphic panel size - 36.15" x 83.25" $ Call
  • Wide Base 1000 - graphic panel size - 39.25" x 83.25" $ Call
  • Wide Base 1000 - graphic panel size - 47.25" x 83.25" $ Call
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Prices are based on customer-supplied artwork in appropriate digital format. Web site pricing is based on payment by credit card at the time of the order. Shipping is billed separately at cost. Sales in Rhode Island will have a 7% sales tax added.
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Expo-Saver™ Banner Stand

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Our lowest priced banner stand has two swivel-out feet, is made of light gauge aluminum and is therefore light weight and compact. While this stand is not as substantial, we have not have any problems or complaints with it. The graphic panel is printed on smooth stay-flat vinyl. It may curl a little at the edges, which is the nature of vinyl when rolled up tight. The colors will be bright and the image as crisp as what you send us.

The stand will be natural aluminum color unless black is specified. 3-section pole. Panel is 80" high when fully extended but can be 53" high if only two pole sections are used. Reinforced carry bag is included. Shipping by UPS or Fedex Ground is included for addresses in the original 48 states.

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  • ExpoSaver 600 - Satin Aluminum base and pole.
    Graphic panel is 24" wide x 80" high
    $ 139.00
  • ExpoSaver 800 - Satin Aluminum base and pole.
    Graphic panel is 31.5" wide x 80" high
    $ Call
  • ExpoSaver 850 - Satin Aluminum base and pole.
    Graphic panel is 33.5" wide x 80" high
    $ Call
  • ExpoSaver 920 - BLACK Aluminum base and pole.
    Graphic panel is 36" wide x 80" high
    $ 155.00
  • ExpoSaver 920 - Satin Aluminum base and pole.
    Graphic panel is 36" wide x 80" high
    $ Call
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