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10 Ft. Popup Curve Backwall

For several decades starting in the 1980's this was the default and most popular type of display for a 10 ft. trade show booth. The most elegant variation sports 6 graphic panels that make an apparently seamless photo mural. This type of display has many advantages: It is easy to set up. It supports from two to five stem lights that shine a bright, attention-getting light on the message. It packs in a single case, which converts to a podium. For those weary people who want to get a flight home the evening the show ends, there is no waiting for cases to be retrieved. You pack the whole wall into your podium and wheel it out or leave it for UPS to pick up. In the 2000's and lat 1990's, we sold more of this kind of trade show booth than I could count and made many, many photo murals. The alternative is the same back wall with panels of velcro-receptive fabric in a complimentary color (such as black). Then you don't need a photo mural. You can instead apply posters of any size and shape at much lower cost.
Arise 10 ft. Popup Curve with 6 fabric panels, 2 LED stem lights, hard case with wheels, podium conversion kit for case……. $ 1650
Shipping is billed at cost.
Arise 6 ft. Table-Top Popup Curve with 4 fabric panels, 1 LED stem light, hard case with wheels……. $ 950 Shipping is billed at cost.
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Ocean Color has been selling the Arise popup curve since 1997. We also produce photo mural panels and velcro-apply apply graphics.

We have made and have the appropriate templates for the following makes of popup display:

Abex Economy
Abex Premium
Arise I
Arise II
Laarhoven Maverick
Skyline Classic
Orbus Coyote

Making photo mural panels is an exercise in precision. If the panels are not trimmed to an exacting standard; if the hanger strips are not precise; if the magnetic strip is not precisely placed, then the panels will not hang properly and the seams will be obvious. Our price is $335 per panel.

Banner-shaped headers and posters that apply to a popup curve with velcro are the low-cost alternative. Call or email for a quote.

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