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The Trade Show Parachute

Most people who have exhibited at a lot of trade shows will have had the experience of getting to the show and discovering that their display didn't make it. It happened to me a number of years ago. I was exhibiting at a show in Houston. The office made a mistake in shipping, and I stood in front of the pipe and drape for two days with nothing but the business cards I had packed in my suitcase. The cost of going to a show is much more than the cost of the display . It includes air fare, hotel, meals, the booth space, and more. So you really don't want to waste all of that if something happens to your display, and it doesn't get there.

A Fall-Back Solution

Our solution is a backdrop mural 10 ft. wide by 8 ft. high printed on fabric. The colors are rich, and the fabric can be folded up and packed in somthing as small as a laptop bag (shown). You could take it with you on the plane, or have it overnighted from your office for early delivery at your hotel the first day of the show. The photo mural is equipped with both a pole pocket across the top and grommets. It hangs on the same structure that the standard trade show drapes hang from and provides you with a full photo mural at the back of your booth.

Or… Use this backdrop as your default display
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Just Imagine:
This young lady is your marketing assistant on her way toward your booth location in the trade show hall one hour before the show opens to visitors.
And she is carrying your whole 10' display in a small bag over her shoulder.
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For twenty years, Ocean Color shipped heavy cases containing all kinds of displays. It makes me tired just to remember.
A Recent Trend
After the financial crash of 2008, a lot of companies were looking to cut back on marketing costs and were wondering if it was even worthwhile exhibiting at the same shows. But not exhibiting at a show where your customers have been expecting to see you for years could be like taking the sign down over your store or disconnecting your phone; it would give the impression you had gone out of business. So many of our customers concluded they had to be there, but perhaps not with the same large, complex, heavy exhibit as in the past. One of the main reasons to exhibit at a show is to be where the customers all are and be able to talk wth them about your latest developments.
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So portable your puppy can carry it.
Attaches to the top pipe of the pipe and drape in the convention hall. The most portable version has grommets and hooks that loop over the pipe and drape. With a slightly larger carry bag, a multi-section pole can be included. Then your photo mural hangs flat with the pole through a pole pocket and another pole pocket at the bottom to keep it straight. Actual dimension is a little shy of 8 ft. high so it doesn't bunch up on the floor.
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Parachute Version 1
Fitted with grommets and supplied with S hooks for hanging on the Pipe & Drape at the back of your booth. Shipped in a carton- no bag or case included.
For a 10 ft. booth 117" wide by 90" high………………….. $ Call
For an 8 ft. booth 93" wide by 90" high ………………… $ Call
Parachute Version 2
Fitted with pole pockets top and bottom and supplied with a multi-section pole to ensure that it hangs straight. Includes fabric print, multi-section pole - reinforced carry bag
For a 10 ft. booth 117" wide by 90" high………………….. $ Call
For an 8 ft. booth 93" wide by 90" high ………………… $ Call
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