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Set of Five Oversized Postcards for Framing or Mailing.

Advertising Art From the 1800's

Full-color printing in the 1800's. Lithography was literally printing with stone plates. The quality of some of the printing from that era is nothing short of amazing… that these meticulous craftsmen were able to achieve bright, detailed colors and softly gradated flesh tones. Most modern full color printing is done with four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. 19th Century lithographers worked with their own pallets, often consisting of 7 or 8 different colors and stone plates. Look carefully at these selections. Did you know this quality of color printing was being done in the decades after the Civil War? It is also fun to see the humor and personality in these ads.
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Framable Giclee prints of the above examples of 19th artwork and many more are available at Great American Posters. com for very reasonable prices. However the five examples at the top of this page are yours free in appreciation for your taking time to visit this site.
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